How To Keep Difficult Bus Routes On Time

Patrick Parents
4 min readAug 2, 2020

Maybe it was me, but I loved the challenge of keeping the difficult bus lines on schedule. I’d hear the horror stories from riders and other drivers and …well was kinda turned on I guess. The prospect of “taming the beast” excited me, still does 10 years later.


As my career developed I begin to understand, it's actually not all about speed. It’s more about the strategy. A method to the madness so to speak.

Does speed play a part? Potentially but that's only if your speeds slow. Then it will most defiantly play a part. But contrary to popular belief you dont have to drive 100mph (even though a governor won't allow you) to keep a bus on time.

Here are 3 ways I keep my bus on time

Get a diagnosis

“Know before you go”

Half the battle for me was understanding the task at hand. Before I could strategize anything, I’d have to know what I was dealing with, and that would change from day to day. It was extremely important to understand what the circumstances were at this present time because they would help me create a…